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Mostly our Product School Uniform shirt Pant Track Suit Trozer Sleeping Suit Ladies Salwar Kameez Banyan Under ware Hoodie Jacket Children Cloth and Many more House hold Product, etc

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 Sourcing and Manufacturing

we offer highest quality garment  production. coupled with  maximum flexibility over order quantities and one of the shortest lead times in the industry
Men,s Clothing
Women,s Clothing
Children Clothing
Zavia Product


Tailoring the right fit, selecting the right fabric, You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that understands product like we do.

With our sourcing & manufacturing capabilities, no matter what the product type, we’re here to ensure your production runs smoothly.

Sourcing everything from the Fabric to the Labels, Trims and Packaging, we’ll guide you through the Sample Development process culminating in the Bulk Production of your products.

We pride ourselves on our Quality Control procedures prior to Door to Door Shipment of your product.

We’re always bringing new product and collections to life.

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  Our Brand

Zavia is the largest best manufacture in the Punjab Pakistan and they are providing the best quality cloth, school uniform , ladies, gents, children, and many more thousands of valued consumers at their doorsteps

     Zavia fashion  have a big name. Our brands are very famous and our customer making good business  we have a record business in last years their four we are increase our business our name are listening on radio and cables we are very famous our good quality good material and design

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Uniform & Cloth

At Zavia, we specialise in designing and catering for uniform needs aswell as everyday clothing for both genders at any age. this includes shalwar kameez, shirts and jeans as well as clothing accessories like scarves, ties, socks and gloves e.t.c. Our products are quality controlled down to the last stitch whether it be high or low level detail.

Material and Textile

All our materials are controlled to have the finest quality available. This allows us to create and fabricate the high quality standard clothing for all styles. Our professional/custom software allows us to design textiles which are specially catered towards our customers, whether they want multiple sizes or a variety of styles, our machinery and software is capable of producing up to standard products for our highly valued customers.

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Quality Service

 Zavia fashion brings you exciting new designs featuring vibrant colors and comfortable fabrics the wide range of oaks clothing collection caters all yours fashion needs zavia by star textile is setting trends in the Pakistan fashion industry and has created truly exquisite and rare dresses for men women and kids oaks clothing takes pride in creating unique stylish and fashionable dresses conceived from the finest fabrics with unparalleled class

Zavia fashion have a excellent experience how providing the best quality service also our agents have a 15 years experience for good deals and response.


 We have a good communication system for customer and our staff have a expert for explain the customer. we have a own system on the ground for quick and better delivery our delivery system is spread throughout the country


Whatever your fashion design requirements, we can help. We’re experts in taking your product to market, we’ll bring your ideas to life

Take a look at some of the clothing manufacturing services we provide.

Sample Development:

The production and sourcing process starts with sample development. We source from across the globe so depending on your product type and quantities, we’ll place your products with the right factory. We’ll take your designs and turn them into a sample you can touch, feel and fit for the first time.

Bulk Production:

During the sample development process, we’ll help you comment on your garments until we have your approval ready for bulk production to start. We will follow the bulk production process to ensure things run smoothly, and most importantly, on time.


From knitted jersey to woven denim, from core basics to technical fabrics, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that understands fabrics, or the manufacturing process, the way we do. Ensuring the best quality fabrics are used, and how to share fabrics across products, we’ll get the most out of your production budget.

Labels, Trims & Packaging:

Branding your accessories really lifts your products to the next level. Everything from woven labels to metal accessories, trims and packaging can be produced making your garments bespoke. We develop your accessories separately to your garment production – Ensuring continuity of trims across factories.

Lead Times:

Sample development lead times can vary depending on product type however, as a general rule of thumb however, sample development usually takes between 1-2 weeks. Once your samples are approved the production can start, bulk production usually takes between 2-4 weeks prior to shipment.

Production Quantity:

Production quantities vary by product and fabric type however, we have some of the greatest flexibility in the industry. From low production quantities to large scale volumes. Talk to us about your product and your brand, we can then discuss the production options with you.

Ethical Trading:

You can rest in the knowledge your product will always be produced according to our stringent ethical manufacturing and trading policies. All our factories are audited to ensure all local labour, heath and safety laws are adhered to. All reports are available upon request.

Quality Control:

We undertake stringent checks to ensure only the highest quality garments are
produced. We think you’d be amazed at how rigorous the quality control procedure is; from in line checks, to end of line controls checking products prior to shipment.

Freight Forwarding:

We can use our forwarders and handle the shipment of your products from door to door. By land, sea or air, we can transport your goods and organise all the local customs clearances prior to delivery of your products. Alternatively, ff you have your own nominated freight forwarder, we can arrange all the export paperwork prior to delivery.

Warehousing & Distribution:


Do you need a warehouse to store your products ready for distribution to your consumers? We also have our own fulfilment warehouse where your goods can be delivered into. Fully integrated with all the major courier companies, we can do the not so glamorous job of picking & packing your orders to ensure your consumers get their product as fast as possible.


We think you’ll be surprised how cost effective our services can be!

    Subject to your bespoke design; we will send your products to our factories for costing.

Our unit prices include everything from the garment itself to all the labels & trims.

We offer discounts base on the number of services you may require so Contact Us to discuss your project.

   We understand the end to end production process, combine that with our years of industry experience & knowledge, we can ensure the development of your products will run smoothly. With our trusted factories & quality control processes you can rest assured your product is in safe hands.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that understands the manufacturing process like we do!


Don’t see the type of manufacturer you’re looking for? Ask in the Mail box of the contact page and we’ll let you know if they’re in there!


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School Shirt




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